Ten years ago, Tanhoo stepped into cultural creative industry and expanded into gaming and cartoon industry gradually from automobile industry. Tanhoo is the pioneer and advocator in the brand cultural derivatives industry in China and aspires to be the producer of Chinese brand cultural derivatives and promote brand culture with brands. Tanhoo advocates a healthy lifestyle for middle-class consumers with its unique interpretation for brand culture.

Inno-creation For Colorful life is Tanhoo’s vision, which means Tanhoo will keep providing brand cultural derivatives with creativity and excellent manufacturing skills for the expanding middle class so as to meet the needs for an exquisite lifestyle. In our country, people’s cultural consumption is growing fastest among all demands. Cultural derivatives should be the kind of products which also act as spiritual carrier and a bridge between consumers and brands.

We need the devotion of all members to realize the company’s vision. Tanhoo started from a small team to a creative enterprise with nearly a hundred members, and established reputation in the industry step by step. In the future, we need to work together and dig deep into the practice and innovation of new business model. I believe in the future, you will be the ones who would bring a more wonderful future for Tanhoo. As the founder, I will do my best to protect and help you, and applaud for your achievement.

Tanhoo upholds a corporate culture which advocates innovation, accountability, cooperation and win-win progress. Tanhoo could take the initiatives in the world full of opportunities and challenges only through persistent innovation regarding product, management and business model, and the courage to take the responsibility. A company can never be successful in the highly competitive environment unless it works with right partners to achieve win-win progress. Tanhoo and its subsidiary company Ideshare, welcome partners and talents from all kinds of fields to open up a bright future for brand cultural derivatives.

With the growth of Tanhoo, governments and industrial associations of all levels as well as all partners of Tanhoo give Tanhoo much support and care to establish a more solid foundation. Tanhoo is grateful for this great age and the achievement we have got in this period. Tanhoo will pass this love to others and pay back all the employees, investors who have devoted themselves to Tanhoo, and contribute to a better society.

China dream, a dream for a wealthier country and stronger nation, has awakened memory and aspiration of one generation of Chinese. The output of Chinese culture will bring unprecedented opportunities as well as challenges for enterprises. Tanhoo shall shoulder the responsibilities as a leading company in the field of brand derivatives. Tanhoo would love to work with parties from different fields and devote itself into realizing the China dream to achieve the Chinese nation's bright prospect on the road to revival.

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